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Cork spray coating made for indoor insulation


    Thanks to cork's very low thermal conductivity (0.039 W/mk), our product is inherently a strong insulating material that effectively slows down heat transfer. It can withstand a temperature range of -30 to 180 degrees Celsius.


    Our sprayed cork is naturally rot proof , water repellent and effectively protects against dew point and condensation . It effectively eliminates thermal bridges that occur.


    Cork has the ability to correct the acoustics of a room, preventing the reverberation of annoying high-pitched sounds and providing high levels of soundproofing with an efficiency of up to 19dB .

    In addition, for example, vibrations on the bodywork are avoided by applying cork and the footfall sound is insulated by 40% .


    Cork is a very decorative material. Its spray application brings an original and totally natural decoration that will give life to your spaces. Natural pigments offer the possibility of coloring the cork in natural and warm shades.


    Our 100% ecological spray cork is manufactured according to a strict specification in order to offer a high quality product that is as environmentally friendly as possible. Our product is bio-based and completely odorless .


    Our product has undergone a laboratory test to study the aging process over 10 years . This guarantees effectiveness for at least 10 years.

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Spruehkork Application

Spray cork By SOLIEGE

Our spray cork is designed to be as eco-friendly as possible. The by-products from the manufacture of cork from French forests are processed into spray cork. This waste is collected, shredded and mixed with a natural binder to be packed in paper bags. We work with local businesses to enable a community based economy nearby.
SOLIEGE is intended for indoor use only. Certified 100% biodegradable and 100% vegan.

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Natural color pigments

The natural color (without dyes) of our spray cork is a light beige. Depending on the season, the beige can be a little lighter or darker. If you want to color your cork, you can use natural pigments that will bring rich and deep colors of high quality to your interior.

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