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Our product is an ecological cork spray coating . The wood for this comes from the Landais region and is 100% made in France . Spray cork is designed for thermal and acoustic insulation of vans, containers, boats and other interiors, including humid ones.

It can be easily applied to all shapes and surfaces, making it an effective solution against thermal bridges, condensation and mold . Due to its very easy handling and very good adhesion to most surfaces, no previous preparation is necessary. For example, it is ideal for use on metal, wood, polyester, composite materials, tiles and plaster. After application and drying, the end product retains all the natural properties of cork, losing about 50% of its actual weight.

Cork chips and a mixture of thickeners and binders, as well as natural mineral filler, are the only ingredients in our product! This has been specially developed for indoor use , taking care to manufacture the product as sustainably as possible.

Certified without biocides and fungicides
Without expiry date!


Our spray cork is suitable for various indoor areas and is very useful. For example, it can be used in mobile homes, boats, containers, music studios, medical practices, wellness areas, cinemas, hi-fi, art projects, interior design, schools, kindergartens, libraries, and much more. use.

Application: cleaning gun (6mm nozzle) with compressor or airless cleaning machine


SOLIEGE Sprühkork offers many advantages over its competitors. First of all, it is the most ecological product on the market, awarded the "Excell Green Zone" certification, which evaluates interior products according to strict criteria. This guarantees you that no bad smells are released during processing and drying. Soliege is made in France, from bio-based French wood, in collaboration with local companies to promote a local and solidarity economy.

We worked for several months with specialized laboratories, camper manufacturers, boat renovators, houseboat drivers and interior designers to develop our product following a simple specification:

Cork and a binder that is as healthy and natural as possible.

100% Biodegradable

Our spray cork is a dry product that is packed in paper bags to protect the environment and increase quality. It is free from fungicides and biocides normally used to preserve this type of product. Due to its composition and packaging, it has no expiration date, so there is no need to use it all at once.

Due to the natural components of our spray cork, indoor use is guaranteed to be harmless.



-Without fungicides and biocides

-100% Made in France (made of French wood)

-100% Organic & Biodegradable

-Interior insulation

-Soundproofing properties

-Avoiding condensation

-Indoor mold prevention

-Removal of moisture stains

-Vibration avoidance (e.g. bodies)


-No unpleasant odors when drying

-Easy application on complex surfaces

-Adheres to many different surfaces

-Solvent free

-Silicone free

-Without expiry date

-Easy to dose:
1 unit of water for 1 unit of cork
(6 kg bag = 12 kg spray cork)

Packaging and unit

Packing the cork in bags makes it easier to transport without making it more complicated to use. 6 liters of water are added to the 6 kg of cork and both are mixed well. The result is 12kg spray cork.

Mixing ratio: 1 : 1 (spray cork : water)

Bag dimensions: 30 x 60 x 17 cm

1 pallet = 50 bags


Our spray cork is beige in its natural color (without dyes). It is possible to color the product by adding natural earth pigments (ochre, etc.). The natural pigments give the product an incomparable depth and intensity.
After drying, the cork can be painted with a conventional paint.

If required, the spray cork can also be lightly sanded.

Attention : if you have colored the cork with natural pigments, the beige color of the cork grains will be emphasized by the sanding.

Please do a test first.

Natural pigments: black, light grey, dark grey, ocher, sienna, majorelle blue, and many more.

Details on SOLIEGE spray cork

Ingredients : cork, natural fibers, cellulose filler, cellulose thickener, chalk, talc, a biopolymer derived from biomass.

Cork content: at least 80%

100% Biodegradable and Organic

Technical characteristics of spray cork :

Processing temperature: between 5°C and 35°C

Touch dry: approx. 4 - 5 hours at 18°C

Fully cured: between 12 and 24 hours depending on the number of coats

Temperature resistance: -30°C to 180°C

Tensile strength: 0.23 Mpa - elongation

Adhesion: 0.5N/mm²

Density: 0.6 g/cm³

Durability: Validated tests for 10 years

Grain size: 1.2 to 1.5 mm

Fire behavior: practically non-flammable (B-s1,d0)

Impact resistance: no breakage

Acoustic efficiency: up to 19 dB

Thermal efficiency: 0.039 W / mK

Opacity : approx. 1.5 kg water phase / m² on 2 mm
(2 layers) - 6 kg bag = 8-10 m² insulated area

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Cork is rot-resistant thanks to the suberin and helps to regulate the humidity in the room. It effectively protects against dew point and condensation on cold surfaces.


Thermal insulation

Thanks to its low thermal coefficient of 0.039 W/mK, our spray cork is an additional effective insulation that withstands temperatures from -30° to +180° .


Sound insulation

Cork has the property of effectively reducing sheet metal vibrations . It also corrects the acoustics by absorbing the room's reverberation. Impact sound can be reduced by up to 40% .



Our product is designed and engineered to last. The aging tested in the laboratory guarantees a service life of at least 10 years .



SOLIEGE's unique product is completely natural and therefore 100% biodegradable & vegan . As the only dry product on the market, it can completely dispense with the use of biocides and fungicides.