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natural pigments

color sample

Like our cork, the earth tones such as ochre, mineral and spinel pigments are purely natural . The pigments are typically quarried in various French and German quarries and then processed on site, where they are either dried (200°) or fired (700°) before being ground into a very fine powder of 30-40µ in size become.

Earth pigments offer natural, vibrant and bold colors that create a warm and original ambiance in any room.

It is also possible to paint the cork with a conventional paint after it has dried.

The photos above show some examples of possible color schemes.

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Easy coloring

The natural earth tones offer a strong and deep coloring, just as they occur in nature. Dyeing cork with natural pigments is quick and easy. It is achieved by mixing the dry products before adding water.

  • Pigmente - Schritt 1

    Step 1

    Put the Soliege Sprühkork and the pigments in a bucket.

  • Pigmente - Schritt 2

    Step 2

    Mix the dry components together.

  • Pigmente - Schritt 3

    Step 3

    Add water and stir the materials with the right tool.

  • Pigmente - Schritt 4

    Step 4

    Put the spray cork in the funnel.

    Ready to spray.

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100% ökologisch

100% ecological

Earth tones, such as ochre, can come from various quarries in Europe, but most of them come from France and Germany. These natural pigments are broken down in a short cycle. They are completely natural and biodegradable, just like our cork.